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The production module in Smart Books is a vital component that facilitates efficient inventory and production management for businesses of all sizes. Accurately records all payments and generates receipts. Real-Time Tracking: Smart Books enables real-time tracking of inventory levels, ensuring businesses always have accurate information about their stock. Stock Alerts: Users can set up alerts for low-stock items to prevent shortages and optimize reorder points. Create BOMs: Users can create and maintain detailed Bill of Materials for their products, specifying the raw materials, components, and labor required for production. Cost Calculation: Smart Books automatically calculates the production cost based on the BOM, helping businesses understand the true cost of manufacturing. Generate Production Orders: Users can easily generate production orders from sales orders or manually create them to initiate the manufacturing process. Production Reports: Smart Books provides a range of production-related reports, including production cost analysis, production order status, and more.



  • Product Mapping
  • Issue Stock to Production Department
  • Received Stock from Store Department
  • Manage Production and Costing
  • Manage Row Material Wastage



  • Production Sheet
  • Production Wastage List
  • Finished Goods List
  • Finished Goods Stock Details
  • Finished Goods Stock Summary

Production Management

Production Management


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